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"Good value and good fun"


Here we are - the official Ovaltech site! Since the dark days or golden age (depending on your point of view) of the Community Charge we have supplied programs to assist Revenues staff with some tough aspects of Local Government Finance and Taxation. This help is delivered in a way that is effective, educational and enjoyable.

  Since 2013     we have created Responsive HTML5 Council Tax Reduction calculator(s) each Spring. Either a bespoke Council Tax Reduction module for declared local schemes or a default CTR module: all built to look like our current Web Benefits Calculator in the (most popular) "extra plain" flavour. As we are expecting to perform some specific tailoring for the local CTR schemes of individual LA customers, don't forget to let us know your parameters before April ! And as for value, our intention is that the LCTR WebBenCalc annual subscription will continue to be priced at the same sort of reasonable level.

Our hugely popular WebBenCalc is a web enabled HB, CTS and TC calculator designed for public use. It runs on your Web Site, giving customers 24 * 7 online access to Benefits estimates and giving you an instant "e-government" project. The WBC has stormed the market and now features on over 100 Local Authority or Housing Association web sites. Why is the WBC so successful ? Probably because it is accurate, inexpensive and (almost) infinitely cosmetically customisable to match user design schemes.

union jack   Our premier program is the powerful Quick (Trial) Desktop Benefits Calculator. With an emphasis on HB, CTS, and the three Tax Credits, it also has a shot at all Benefits. Additionally it offers instant estimates for tax, N.I, student income and a verification checklist. It is a VB executable program delivering detail and speed for professionals.

To enhance our "e-government" portfolio, we launched the WebNDR module - so now the transitional phasing projection part of our NDR 2017-2022 (Business Rates) system is also web-enabled, allowing you to give local businesses a very quick and easy on-line estimate! Follow the links for full information on these exciting products.

Related links: visit our good friends at Treasure Your Health ( Health Through Quality Nutrition On-Line Shop )  + we have no pretentions to cater for Universal Credit - which is why we always recommend 'entitledto' for such calculations.

Our   Energy Saving Genie   says "benefit claimants might be eligible for a FREE Government-funded grant to upgrade their home's energy-efficiency. There are currently grants available for replacement boilers, electric heating upgrades, first time central heating, insulation and for insulation." Check eligibility and apply >>