About Ovaltech (a.k.a. Otech Ltd)

Our firm was established in 1988 by a pair of lawyers who had been working in the computer industry. The Revenues package began life as an advice system to demystify the notoriously convoluted Community Charge legislation! Then it expanded into 3 modules, covering the related subjects of Housing Benefit, NNDR (Business Rates) and, of course, Council Tax - which quickly replaced the ill-fated Poll Tax. The package rapidly achieved phenomenal success with a customer base exceeding 200 Local Authorities. In 1994 Ovaltech joined forces with a large publishing company - who almost wrecked the business. In the Spring of 1998 there was a famous de-merger and the package reverted completely to the original Ovaltech team, namely - Keith Bannerman (Barrister), Mike Commins (IRRV + CIPFA) and Steve Goddard (LL.B). Since then we have launched some very exciting products and expanded the customer base considerably beyond the 200 mark.

How to get hold of us

Email us on as the prime point of contact, but if that fails try via . These addresses have been despammed in a desperate attempt to stop the avalanche of junk "adult" emails we get these days - so you will have to type them in. In fact, you can email anynameyoulike  @ovaltech.ltd.uk. Staff commitments currently force a restricted 'phone support service so please email - we aim to respond to emails within 4 hours. 

southern crossFor various family reasons, Keith Bannerman spent a large chunk of 2000 and 2001 in Australia but was dragged back returned (eventually) in 2002. Front-line support operations reverted to Keith and the postal address is currently: C/O Newstead House, Pelham Road, Nottingham, NG5 1AP.

Otech Photo Gallery

Keith launches our European advertising campaign in Prague, August 2007

Steve Goddard - silhouetted at the wheel of his time machine

In recent years Ros Bannerman has taken responsibility (well someone had to) for much of the administration. She's pictured here with Smokey, the office cat - sadly, he's no longer with us.

Mike Commins enjoys his Rochdale football fantasy - dream on Mike !