Now you can put a zing into your Council Tax training with the very first Windows version of our CT system. Itís a rewrite of the "classic" DOS programs featuring old favorites like Liability Assessment, the Enforcement Sequence, Relevant Cases and the Council Tax Fun Quiz !

The Question and Answer screen sequences guide the user through the potential liability "avenues" and explore all the relevant issues. "Translated" text of relevant Statutory Instruments and other detailed material is available through "web style" hypertext links via our library.

Donít forget the CT "Quiz" program - offering fifty multiple choice questions, the CT Quiz is designed to give a thorough but fun our around the entire Council Tax subject. The program is suitable for induction training of new staff and as a refresher session for "old hands". Use it in conjunction with the Council Tax legislation library to access the source material in full detail. Relevant source, reference or hint material is shown for every question and, after each "choice" is made, a visual answer accuracy indicator is displayed. At the end of the Quiz a print-out is available to give a score and assess the student's performance. Be sure to use the Quiz in the true spirit of "edutainment". No candidate should feel threatened by it - in fact, with a reasonable amount of attention, every student should achieve a high score.


Council Tax Quiz screen sample


Be sure to give it a spin. Its a fast, fun and factual experience !