Spring 2010 - a new web dimension for NDR 

 How exciting is this ? ....... in 2005 we launched the WebNDRCalc module, following in the footsteps of our highly popular "WebBenCalc", the transition phasing projection part of our BR system became web-enabled, allowing you to give local businesses a very quick and easy on-line estimate! We've put a sample up on our website right here so do take a look at the NDR 2005 sample link. NB This phasing projection demonstration is confined to the financial years 2005-08, the release version shows the full five year spread 2010 - 2015.

Meanwhile our Business Rates system will also include the popular "interest on overpayments" desktop module (not for public consumption!) - if you want it. In fact, the interest module runs all the way back to April 1990 if you need to go that far. The traditional Windows desktop calculation program retains the projection service for transition, changes etc. for the old 5 year spread running to 2005 and the floating "Days calc" window so you can always convert any annual sum to an appropriate part year figure by using a simple "cut and paste" operation.

Use our Business Rates system to give on-line estimates and to double check all your manual and mainframe NDR figures.

Technical aspects for the webndr.
Clearly the only requirement is for a web browser but we strongly recommend viewing with MS Internet Explorer 5.5 / Netscape 6.0 / Firefox
1 or higher. It runs without any "cgi script" complications - you just need to put the files on your web site, 1 html page + verifies.js + 1 image = 3 small files in all). Do remember that you can customise the appearance of the page as much as you like - just leave our embedded javascript code and the form fields safely alone. To assist customisation we've standardised on one Arial font. To change that just alter the <body style="font-family:> statement near the file start. Similarly, to change the cell colors etc., just alter the <style type="text/css"> statements a few lines below. The html code now checks as XHTML 1.0 Strict.

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