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 Essentially, this program is designed to be a powerful stand-alone "Trial Benefits Calculator" for staff or (potentially) public use. The user travels through 10 main sequence input screens to reach the result. At any point the user is completely free to move backwards or forwards and change the data, which makes it very easy to model "what if" estimates. A print button launches a single sheet print-out summarising the claim details. The QBC is a VB executable program offering huge detail and powerful features - but it is not web enabled, for that capability you will need our WebBenCalc.
View a QBC screen sample.

ADVANCED FEATURES -  recent releases have implemented some significant ideas, for example -


For its grand finale, the QBC program performs an automatic Tax Credits calculation (if appropriate) for Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Pension Credit.

Where to use the Quick Benefits Calculator -

Designed to give fast and accurate estimates for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit claims, the program is already being used at a large number of Local Authorities -

The QBC program is currently released to more than 100 local authority customers and numerous Housing Associations. When FIRST software/Sx3/Northgate saw the Quick Benefits Calculator they liked it so much that they proposed a joint marketing agreement, giving them exclusive rights to sell the QBC into their userbase. Obviously this contract is quite an accolade for our Quick Benefits Calculator, to say the least.

So far as we are aware, several of the leading "mainframe" Benefits systems currently do not include a stand alone "Trial Benefits Calculator" e.g. FIRST, Sanderson and Academy. Those that do provide some sort of capability (like HBIS and Bull), cannot compare with our QBC in terms of speed, versatility and flexibility.

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