the Web Benefits Calculator

Now since 2009, the "WebBenCalc" comes in 4 exciting flavours:
the standard "classic" wbc is colourful, compact and cheerful the "extra plain" wbc is for the purists. No images, no tables and no deprecated tags, this version is so plain it can seem a tad dull - but it checks with W3C as valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional for those folk who don't like good old-fashioned JavaScript (often citing Accessibility issues) the "so cool" PHP server side versions of the wbc are now available - the standard "classic" PHP wbc and the ultimate "Dual extra plain" PHP wbc. NB each WebBenCalc now includes a separate one web page LHA (bed)room entitlement calculator as a free add on.

As you may know, our WebBenCalc product (in the footsteps of the famous Quick Benefits Calculator) runs on your Web Site, giving your customers 24 * 7 online access to Benefits estimates and giving you an instant "e-government" project.  And if, for any reason, you can't hoist the WebBenCalc onto your own website - we can host†it for you ! Our WBC customers tell us that the program provides 2 valuable services - (1) greatly assists the level of benefit "take up" and (2) suppresses the level of "hopeless" benefit claims. Since it's launch in 2002, some very tasteful manifestations of the WebBenCalc have appeared on various prestigious web sites. Take a moment to search on the Web for "Web Benefits Calculator" and check the sites listed. Below are some recommended samples - PS these sites are dynamic so the links can change !  

Bedford Borough Council  ( smart )
Basingstoke & Deane BC at  ( good as )


The licence fee for an LA (or any organisation) to run the Web Benefits Calculator on their website is between just £350 and £950 per annum, depending on the user size and flavour. This subscription service covers all maintenance updates, enhancements and support (excluding the userís own modifications and customisation). We can confirm that the final calculations are generally acknowledged to be precise.

There should be no technical issues - the standard WebBenCalc runs without any script complications so it should be fine on any server configuration. Remember that you can customise the appearance of the page as much as you like - just leave our embedded (slightly scrambled) javascript code and the form fields safely alone. So you can change the html to compliment your overall site design as much as you like. We've standardised on one "vanilla" (Arial) font and a couple of body styles - so users can change the whole appearance by just altering a couple of body style statements! And the html code has been cleaned to meet W3C standard [with CSE HTML Validator] - find more technical data on our FAQ's page and read about the PHP version. And another thing, being html, the WebBenCalc runs on PDA's (handhelds) as well !

The WBC program features an automatic in-line Tax Credit calculation (if appropriate) for Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Pension Credit. We have also suppressed the display of various "unnecessary" fields, And we've been adopting sundry suggestions to "de-jargonize" the screen text wherever possible, so the form is now even easier to understand and is getting pretty close to the Crystal Mark Standard. The maintenance updates will normally be supplied two times a year (usually Spring and Autumn). If legislation causes considerable modification then a complete re-installation will be necessary. If an update only involves new figures then a block of code will be supplied for user substitution. The WebBenCalc product is tested to run with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 / Netscape 6.0 / Firefox 1.0 or higher. Otech believes that it runs perfectly well under earlier browser versions but cannot quite guarantee full functionality for every earlier browser.

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